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The Best of Things I Wish They'd Told Me for Developers


"The Best of Things I Wish They'd Told Me for Developers"

Course: BB09

presented by

Bonnie K. Baker

This seminar is a condensed version of Bonnie's 4-part series of seminars entitled "Things I Wish They'd Told Me 8 Years Ago." She focuses on all of the best tips and techniques that application developers can use to improve the performance of programs and SQL. The analogies and war stories that Bonnie is known for are used to make each concept clear and usable. If you have missed any of the full-day seminars in the past, this is a good way to get a sample of each with the BEST of what each has to offer. Topics include:
The agenda includes:

  • Synchronous VS Asynchronous I/O - The Beth & Scott story

  • Two ways of using and index - the NORMAL way and the Aunt Louise way

  • Locking and Lock Avoidance

  • Stage 1 vs Stage 2 predicates

  • A checklist for program performance

  • BIND Parameters made easy

  • Performance Topics

  • New Release Information

  • Ugly, Uglier, and Ugliest SQL