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Things I Wish They'd Told Me - Part 2


"MORE Things I Wish They'd Told Me 8 Years Ago"

Course: BB02


A One-Day Seminar for

DB2 Application Developers and DBAs

presented by

Bonnie K. Baker

Application Developers and Database Administrators who enjoyed Bonnie's first seminar, "Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me 8 Years Ago," will love this seminar. Included are MORE real-world tips and techniques to make life with DB2 easier, war-stories to learn from, and down-to-earth analogies to unravel the complexities of designing and coding a high-performance DB2 application. Topics include SQL coding techniques, alternative programming logic, sample DB2 catalog queries to help you find performance inhibitors, and other information critical to understanding the impact of data organization, various coding techniques, bind parameters, and DDL parameters on response time and batch runtime.

• Learn more about how DB2 thinks and how to make it think less

• Find ways to improve application performance

• Take home practical tips you can use immediately

• Discover different ways of approaching program logic

• Find out tips to make a CRAWLING application FLY


Level: All users, all levels