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Things I Wish They'd Told Me - Part 5



"Things I Wish They'd Told Me 8 Years Ago - Part 5"

(Basic to Intermediate)

Course: BB05

Fifth in a Series of Seminars for

DB2 Application Developers

presented by

Bonnie K. Baker

This seminar continues the saga with all new ideas, new tips, and new techniques for improving program performance. Easy-to-understand examples are used to simplify difficult concepts so that the programmers can apply those concepts to program logic and SQL in order to improve performance. New features available in V5 and V6 will be emphasized. Hints and tips are given at all levels, for those who have used DB2 for years as well as those who just met DB2. This seminar is based on DB2 for the MVS/OS390 but those using other platforms may find some of the information beneficial.
The agenda includes:

  • Program execution - V6 differences

  • Program preparation - Bind vs Rebind and V6 differences

  • Retrieving data - both rid and data sort required

  • Retrieving data - multiple index access

  • Program execution - more info on stage 2 predicates

  • What does this have to do with performance?

  • Some more referential integrity issues

  • Lock avoidance - the final details

  • Lock avoidance - the final details

  • Data integrity exposures

  • Index overhead

  • Read-only program commits - why?

  • What is a SIX lock?

  • Alter to add column impact

  • Alter to add column impact

  • Little things: system, design, programming, and SQL tips