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Things I Wish They'd Told Me - Part 6


"Things I Wish They'd Told Me 8 Years Ago - Part 6"

Course: BB06

Sixth in a Series of Seminars for

DB2 Application Developers

presented by

Bonnie K. Baker

This is the sixth in a series of seminars entitles "Things I Wish They'd Told Me 8 Years Ago." It continues the tradition with all new ideas, new tips, and new techniques for improving program performance. Analogies, war stories, and examples are used to simplify difficult concepts so that the programmers can apply those concepts to program logic and SQL in order to improve performance. New features available in V6 and V7 will be emphasized. Hints and tips are given at all levels, for those who have used DB2 for years as well as those who just met DB2 this year. This seminar is based on DB2 for MVS-OS390-z/OS but those using other platforms may find some of the information beneficial. Topics include:
The agenda includes:

  • Reviewing of basic concepts

  • Using new features instead of programs

  • Understanding Casting

  • Designing with variable length rows

  • Making locking compromises

  • What does this have to do with performance?

  • Discovering instant locks

  • Understanding REBIND issues

  • Deciding among 3 types of tables

  • Understanding outer join issues

  • Highlighting performance topics

  • Benefiting from a few small bits and pieces